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The 10 most common sex questions, with feminine answers that you'll love

Here we are, stepping into another blissful week. Or at least we hope for as much bliss as possible! 😅

Before diving into this week’s issue, I want to take a moment and thank you for answering to our call and voting your favourite topic from the list we proposed last week. FYI—If you didn’t get the chance to vote, you can still do it here.

I am humbled by how many of you ladies made your contribution. Expressing what YOU want gives us direction and motivation. There’s hardly anything more rewarding than knowing we have a direct contribution to your growth and transformation.

If you are wondering what’s the most popular topic, well… it seems that 25% of you picked Divine Gifts & Career, followed by another 19% who expressed their interest in learning more Feminine Daily Practices. The bronze medal goes to Sexuality & Sensuality. However, no matter what you voted, I promise nobody will be forgotten. We’re gonna cover as much as we can from all the listed topics.

In the meantime, how would you feel about a sexy pitstop? 😅

Here’s what we did.

We asked Dr. Google what are the most common sex questions people (of all ages) ask.

Yes, we actually did that.

And the action turned into a massively fun and also instructive podcast.

How come?

Picture this: what would you reply if someone asked you “what does sex feel like?”

My point, exactly!

And there’s so much more. So, long story short, hit PLAY and let’s roll with Ep. 21 of The Feminine #Uncut Podcast.

We’re giving the most feminine answers to ten of the most common sex questions online. 🍑

Speaking about! What are the sex questions that YOU are most curious about? Leave you comment below.

Until next, happy listening! 💗

p.s. If you listen until the very end of the episode, we also have a very interesting challenge for you. 😉

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