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To Be A Woman: The Challenges Of The Feminine Energy

Meeting the feminine energy is a life changing process, with incredible benefits.

It gives you access to a different way of being and living. Also, it upgrades your professional, social and personal life, without the huge effort you thought transformation might imply.

However, in order for that to happen, the feminine energy invites you to release the “old ways”, open up and learn how to receive.

In this episode of The Feminine #Uncut Podcast we discuss the assets and the challenges of the feminine energy. We also try to demystify how it feels to be a woman, without fear or judgement.

Here’s what you can learn while listening to this episode

Listen to the whole episode now and learn new things and key tips and tricks on how to activate, allow and integrate the feminine energy in your life.

Your story matters

Before living, I want to make a call and ask you this: what are YOUR challenges and how did you tackle them?

We’ve made a mission to bring real women with their authentic challenges and amazing stories to the circle.

That is compulsory, if we want to start supporting each other #TheFeminineWay and create meaningful transformation both in our lives and among the whole of society.

Send us your stories at or simply leave us your comment below. It’s worth it, love. Change starts with us.

In love and sisterhood,

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