The Feminine

Motherhood And Womanhood

Are you totally immersed in motherhood?

Or are you experiencing quite the opposite—avoiding the subject, feeling indifferent or even rejecting it?

Either way, this podcast is for you.

While I’m with #TeamMom and Ioana backs the #ThisIsNotForMeTeam, 😀 what we really wish to look into with this particular episode of the The Feminine #Uncut Podcast are the many shades and textures of the emotions we have around motherhood.

Totally understandable, the topic can be very emotional. But if you learn how to integrate its ups and downs with awareness, you can change the whole experience around both motherhood and womanhood.

So, here’s a brief summary of what you’ll learn from this episode:

Wondering how you can balance motherhood and womanhood?

Check out this new episode of The Feminine #Uncut Podcast and discover the “secret”.

NOTE: you’ll discover that you can also apply it to so many other things in life. 🙌

Until next, hang on there and be sure that you are seen and loved for just the way you are!


p.s. Got questions or curiosities about motherhood (or womanhood)? Drop ’em in the comment section below and let’s ignite the conversation. YAY!

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