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My 3 feminine tips for emotional and spiritual growth

Ioana here, happy to connect with you again, after a period of me-time and a lot of emotional and spiritual growth.

I’ve been listening to Oana so many times talking about this feminine need of retracting from the world and caving in—as a sign of emotional and spiritual growth—but now it was really a first hand experience.

T’was new to me, but I ALLOWED myself to go through the rabbit hole with boldness and grace (and yes, ma’am, the You from the other side is soooo worth fighting for).

What emotional and spiritual growth actually means?

Briefly: saying NO to old limiting beliefs, destructive behaviours and toxic people. And saying YES to a new vision, productive actions and kind-hearted people.

I’m still blown away by how refreshing it feels!

No, this is not another motivational blah blah.

And to prove it, I’ll actually share my 3 feminine tips (aka. what I ACTUALLY did) for my emotional and spiritual growth.

HINT: read until the end for an extra TIP No. 4.

TIP No. 1: Stop fighting and open up

99% of my pain came from too much fighting. All my life I’ve been fighting for: truth, justice, people, opportunities, love.

I even used to fight for saving people who never wanted to be saved at all or for causes that never stood a chance.

I never knew that you could achieve the best from a state of peace. My heart, my brain and my body were trained for a permanent state of war.

My personal development process (and ESPECIALLY working with the feminine energy) gradually showed me that emotional and spiritual growth comes from a place of peace and trust.

Therefore, one fine day I simply woke up and wrote down this mantra on the wall in my bathroom—so that I could see it every single morning: “Every decision I take is a choice between a grievance and a miracle. I let go of grievances and choose miracles.”

And I committed to it.

No more fighting.

TIP No 2. Take your health seriously (and delegate your recovery to those who know best)

In my case, this translated into stepping back from my trying to heal myself ALONE and officially delegating the whole process to three top therapists and M.D.s.

Yep, three. 😶 I know it sounds extravagant; but my past’s a bit of extravaganza and I am a bit of extravaganza; and maybe that’s why they say “you need a dragon to fight a dragon”. 🐉

This being said, four weeks fast forward leads me to:

Which takes us to… 👇

TIP No. 3 Love and trust your womb

For the first time in my life, I’ve welcomed the feminine energy in my life and in my womb.

What this taught me?

What I released?

What is rising?

I see myself looking upon a gilded field; a very clean and luminous space where my Higher Self is waiting for me to finally meet Her.

What is new?

Acknowledging my emotional and spiritual growth and the progress I’ve made during the past years, the courage to embrace the low waters and the readiness to go with the high tide.

I am ready to receive abundance in all its forms—opportunities, money, a grand vision and authentic shared love.

My womb is a space of creation.

What about you? Have you ever allowed yourself to go through a period of me-time? If yes, what did you learn from the experience?

What tips are you ready to share?

I’m willing to hear YOUR story! Share it in comment section below and let the world know your uniqueness. 👇

Talk soon! 💖

In love & sisterhood,


p.s. During this whole period, I found the most devoted ally in the Sacred Space meditation. Whenever the rabbit hole seemed too scary and I was just a step away from quitting, I went back to my Sacred Heart and asked my Higher Self: “what is the best thing to do?”. It always paid off.

So, here’s my extra TIP No. 4 for emotional and spiritual growth: the Sacred Space meditation. Check it out here and see how it feels.

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