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3 Actionable Ideas To Navigate The holidays The Feminine Way

I hope you enjoyed our exercise from last week and that you also took action in really making December meaningful!

If you missed the practice, here’s where you can find it.

Remember, cultivating positivity and looking back with intentionality and gratitude is key if you want to step in 2020 strong and radiant.

I hear you—easier said than done!

Truth be told, this time of the year can be super challenging.

Getting caught in family mayhem, being triggered by people and gestures, feeling lonely and unloved or plunging into overindulging are huge stress factors.

But here’s the thing—you can make a difference!

And not by talking about it, but by acting on it!

Here are 3 actionable ideas that you can implement during holidays to make sure you navigate the season with ease and grace, the feminine way. 🎄

Prioritize rest

Did it ever happen to you to come back from holidays feeling drained and even more tired than before?

It’s real!

So, during the following days try to prioritize rest—sleep, take long walks in nature (yes, even if it can be a bit chilly ❄️), take a bath, meditate, read a book, include any type of bodywork that’s suitable for you, don’t overeat/overdrink and say YES only to those dinners, parties and people that truly matter.

Remember: your energy should be your priority. When your levels of energy are up, you get less triggered and feel more grounded and balanced.

Spend time with your Inner Girl

Most of the times, during the holiday season, our Inner Children, their unfulfilled needs and unhealed emotional wounds can become very active.

That’s why your should always prioritize daily quality time with your Inner Girl, listen to her, caress her and love her unconditionally.

Hop over here and discover a powerful and efficient way to connect with your Inner Girl.

Do this practice daily or every other day and you’ll be surprised by the huge difference it makes!

Oh! And YES, you can also buy a beautiful gift for your Inner Girl! Ask her what she wants to receive from Santa and make sure the Elves get the right message in time. 🧝‍♀️

Create a sensual ritual

Rituals are the best way to stay present and remain centered, no matter what’s going on around you.

Here’s one of my all time favourite feminine rituals that you can do daily or anytime your want to shake off negative emotions (fear, rage, sadness etc), awaken your sensual fire and reclaim your ecstatic nature.

HOT TIP—do this sensual dancing ritual before New Year’s Eve and let a magical night and an incredible year open up in front of you!

Having these said, thank you for walking with me in this feminine journey, in 2019 and see you radiant and bountiful in 2020!

We meet again, here, on January 7!

In the meantime, join our Sacred Circle private group here and have the most sacred holidays!

In love & sisterhood,

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