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My 20 minutes of self-love

I’ve been inspired to write this post about self-love by one of our graduates.

This is just one of the many reasons for which I love being part of a nurturing community of extraordinary women. We inspire each other, hold space, heal what asks to be healed and together we manifest extraordinary possibilities.

So, what she asked, briefly, is how can she attract in her life a man whom she can trust and love from a place of deep authenticity and vulnerability. No fear, no shame, no repetitive or hurtful patterns.

My answer was blunt: love yourself first.

Cultivate self-love…

…and give yourself the long desired affection that you’ve been longing for, since forever.

Easier said than done, I know.

Truth is, many of us crave our entire lives for that feeling, touch and taste that could eventually make us surrender to passion and love.

But it is also US who have to take the lead. And we do it by cultivating self-love.

I’m going to share with you a powerful feminine ritual: 20 minutes of self-love.

It’s a simple 3-step method that you can also use every evening, as a soothing bedtime ritual.

I’ve created this practice organically, inspired by my own desire to heal and fulfil my need for love and it works wonders.

These three steps will help you commit to yourself and generate the self-love and intimacy you desire most.

Keep reading to learn the ritual I live by.

Step 1: Be in the present moment

The first step is bringing yourself into the present moment.

When we live in the past, we feed our fear of repeating hurtful patterns. Conversely, if we project future scenarios, we feed our anxieties. Therefore, the solution is always in the present moment.

To bring yourself in the now, find a place where you feel safe and comfortable and lay down on the floor or sit in a lotus position.

Start breathing consciously and pay attention to the rhythm of your breath.

Don’t force your breath into a specific rhythm. Just breathe deeply and naturally, but be aware of what you are doing.

Do this for three minutes.

Step 2: Bring yourself into your body

After two minutes, slowly and gently begin touching your body.

Start with the palms of your hands, then touch your forearms, your shoulders, your breasts, your womb, your thighs, your legs and your feet.

The aim of this exercise is to bring yourself into your body and turn it into a safe container.

Your body is your safe place, your temple, your wonderland.

Don’t aim for a specific feeling or sensation. Just follow the curves of your body and become aware of its shape and boundaries.

Do this for three minutes.

Step 3: Breathe with your heart

When you start to feel the shape and edges of your body, place your hands on your chest and pay attention to the beats of your heart. Breathe with your heart, following the rhythms of her beats.

Do this for three minutes.

Then, ask her: What do you need to feel safe? What do you need to feel loved? What makes you feel seen and appreciated?

Remain in deep silence and listen.

If any answer pops up, take a piece of paper or your journal and write it down.

Your heart holds the truth.

Want to dive even deeper? For more guidance into how to connect and listen to the voice of your Heart, check our Sacred Space audio guided meditation here. It’s sublime.

Until next, enjoy and let me know in the comments below: how did you feel after 20 minutes of self-love?

My love,

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