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The 2 Key Ingredients I use To Create Transformation

A rockin’ new episode of The Feminine Uncut Podcast is out now and today we chat about how I turned my personal healing journey into a mission and a coaching method.

Briefly, from this episode you are going to learn more about the two leading ingredients I use to help people generate powerful and meaningful transformation in their lives:

Creating transformation

You have the chance to get more familiar with what I personally mean by THE FEMININE and why, specifically, its passion and strength are so powerful for women.

But mostly, my intention for this specific episode is to address one of the questions I receive the most from you: “Can I express my divine gifts into the world, in spite of having no experience and encountering repeated obstacles?”

My short answer is YES, YOU CAN.

For the long answer go listen to the full episode now.

Also, here are some of the few WHYS we answer to, in this episode:

Educating yourself ongoing is fundamental.

Having a mentor is key.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a game changer.

A consciously guided rite of passage is what makes the difference.

AND MORE, by the end of this episode you will also discover why the programs I create for The Feminine are powerful and transformational rites of passage.

Listen to the full episode now.

All my love,

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