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What You WANT vs. What You Need—The Key To Your Emotional Well-Being

Summer is over and we’re heading into a fruitful autumn, with so many new goodies! 🍇🍯 Better stay tuned and be the first to get the news!

Until then, let me ask you this—how do you make the right distinction between what you WANT and what you NEED?

I’ve had a fun chit chat with Ioana on this topic. And it was soooo good that we decided to make a brand new juicy #uncut podcast out of it.

Listen to the full episode below. 🎧 You’ll learn why distinguishing between what you want and what you need is super important for your physical and emotional well-being and how exactly you can shift the pattern and start doing things the feminine way.

Here’s a short preview: 🙌

The truth is in your belly, not in your head.

Wondering how exactly you can achieve all these?

Here’s my answer—just START THE PROCESS and do the practices.

The key is in the practice, not in twisting and turning the problem over and over again in your head.

DOING the feminine practices leads to activating your instinct and intuition and this will eventually help you to identify the right answer to everything that’s not running smoothly in your life.

The feminine energy has the incredible power and wisdom to cut the chords of whatever keeps you trapped into a pattern.

Now head over and listen to the full episode. Enjoy deeply! 🎧



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