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Few days ago, while I was practicing the Sacred Space meditation, one thought popped up into my mind. The worst thing about adulthood is that we have this strange disposition to believe that everything good comes only the hard way; that we can only achieve abundance through grit and that wellbeing is a mere theoretical concept.

Yet, the feminine teaches us exactly the opposite. And the key to shifting perspective and to turning the new perspective into pure reality is held by the Inner Child.

Surprising, right? 😉​

The Inner Child is that part within you that sees the unseen.

He or she are able to guess the hidden shape of your most intimate desires and they can also show you the way to achieving them.

The Inner Child is, most of the time, he or she who holds the answers to questions like:

And more than anything, your Inner Child ​is he or she who’s able to show you that abundance can actually come through play and that the highest form of wellbeing comes from self love.

If you take the time to nurture your desires in the sacred space of the heart, you will bring joy to your Inner Child; and THAT is how you create love, ease, and play.

Are you wondering how the Inner Child can help you with your professional life? Well, we’ve got the best answers all wrapped up in a brand new episode of our epic The Feminine #Uncut Podcast. 🎧

Here’s what you’ll discover: 🙌

PLUS you’ll get extra info on how the Inner Girl and the Sacred Space work together for your greater good.

Enjoy, love! And please, let us know how you liked it and what questions popped in your mind while listening. ❤​
Much love,

p.s. If you crave for a personal experience of the magic of the Sacred Space, here’s how to get it now.

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