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Balancing the masculine and the feminine

Ioana here, reporting from the right front seat of my car. 😎🚗

I am on an impromptu vacation with a friend from abroad paying a visit 🇮🇹🍋 and this time I took the luxury of not focusing on the wheel. Which made me think—the famous narrative about the importance of balancing the masculine and the feminine is actually so true!

Having a man who can handle “stuff” can be soooo relieving and empowering at the same time. 💪

I am currently taking the time to enjoy the hills and the valleys of Eastern Europe, opening up to letting things take their natural course and working on my softness and receptivity.

It might sound natural to you now, but trust me—two years ago, I didn’t even know what receptivity meant. I would hold tight to the wheel, trying to “prove” that I can actually drive eight hours without taking a break and then I would have ended up exhausted and frustrated with not being able to relax. 🙄 And to make things even worse, up next I would have bumped my head against the pillow all night long, trying to “figure out a way” to fix all the wrongdoing in the world. 🤦‍♀️

From time to time, I find myself gazing at how my life has transformed in the most profound way and I wonder—Gee, this “thing” with balancing the masculine and the feminine is actually true! ☯

There is a dance, there is a flow, there is a complementary dynamics and when you finally get the sense of it, you feel so free and empowered. And that’s NOT only about intimate relationships. It’s about EVERYTHING else in life.

Have you ever asked yourself how often you have pushed when it would have been much more healthy for you to pull? Or how something suddenly broke simply because you offered too much, instead of opening up to receiving? Think about it for a sec.

I would love to explain it for you, but I honestly can’t.

I know, instead, that a professionally guided process can really make a huge difference. A process can change everything you thought absolute: your values, your belief system, and your operating frequency. That’s because change is not in your brain; it is in your cells.

The first step towards balancing the masculine and the feminine.

That’s precisely why we have crafted The Four Pillars Of Femininity online course. To show you that YES, it is possible. To confirm that transformation is neither impossible nor excruciating. And to give you the perfect tools that can guide you along the way until you start to feel it in your flesh—the easiness, the beauty and the softness the feminine energy can bring in your life. THIS is the first step towards balancing the masculine and the feminine.

Knowing you would be curious to learn more about how it works, I emailed Oana and asked her for some words of wisdom. Why is balancing the feminine and the masculine so important? And how exactly can Sacred Space and Grounding help us access the long craved equilibrium?

“Along our feminine journey, we must take a step into distinguishing more clearly our relationship with the masculine energy. Whether it is played out in the dynamics with a particular man or whether it is an inner experience, the masculine energy is vital for our manifestation process. We need to feel the masculine’s protection and presence to ignite our sensuality. The masculine energy is a powerful catalyst. We don’t need men to enchant them with our sensuality. We need men in order to be able to express our sensuality for ourselves, for them, and for the whole world.”

I hope this helps. And I also wish it gives you the taste of how transformation can feel like, if you simply ALLOW it.

Leaving you now, but not before sending a ton of love and a postcard from The Feminine (before summer is official over). 💚

Speak soon,


Postcard from The Feminine


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