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The 4 habits of femininity

I’ll be honest with you.

I’ve been in the coaching business for long enough to get it.

We love to read successful stories; we salute motivational feedback; and most of the time we happily open up for new (growth) opportunities.

But 99% of the time we need specific solutions to our specific problems.

We need facts, structure, clear objectives, and good coaching in how to break down those (scary) goals into actionable baby steps.

That’s exactly the same with conscious femininity.

The big picture can be lyrical. And in fact, it is. Femininity speaks to you in soft whispering voice and it touches you in the most tender of them touches. In the same time, it can totally take you by storm on the whirlwind of senses and on the rollercoaster of emotions.

And here comes the question: how do you handle that?

That’s exactly the reason why in this brand new episode of The Feminine #Uncut Podcast we’re breaking down the 4 basic habits of femininity.

Because at the end of the day, conscious femininity is not about overnight transformation or twilight divination; but about how good you become with integrating in your daily life the values of femininity — inclusiveness, compassion, vulnerability, love, humanity and sisterhood.

Now, please go ahead and delight yourself with the new episode here.

Here’s what you’ll learn while listening 🙌

The practical 4 habits of a more feminine and healthy lifestyle.

What is emotional awareness and why it is the actual key to… well… almost everything.

What’s the whole thing with intuition, how you activate it and why it has nothing to do with magic thinking.

By the way, you’ll find out why intuition is not only about “gut feeling.”

How to nurture your needs. 👇

Which leads us to self nourishment — which happens through gestures that address the physical, emotional and spiritual layers of your being. Prioritise the one that matters to you the most and please don’t make it seem more difficult than it actually is. Self nourishment is about self-care and pampering. Who needs a practical guide to that? 🤓

And last but not least, you’ll tip your fingers into how to embody the feminine, which is basically about fluidity and doing all of the above. 😉

Now, jump straight to listening the whole episode about the 4 habits of femininity, but before, you might want to tweet this out: the more you embody who you truly are and the more conscious actions you take, the more you will start attracting the things that you most desire.

Yours truly,

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p.s. One more thing before you go — if you listen thoroughly you’ll also learn what’s the best thing to do when he doesn’t text you back. 😉

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