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Reclaiming femininity

​Maybe you’ve noticed or maybe you did not (yet)—but ​our #Unuct podcasts are so much like women: sometimes bold and sexy, occasionally funny, sometimes soft and mellow. 🔥​🤪​💃​​

This one today is rather on the soft side, as we dive deep into exploring the Inner Girl—​Woman dynamics.

​Seems that the Inner Girl is really a hot topic and many of you resonate with the truth and the treasures she holds.

Oana (yes, we actually sport the same name 👏​👏​👏​), one of our Sensuality Masterclass graduates, sent us a series of advanced questions and invited us to go far into the matter.

And so we did.

How to take care of your Inner Child + how to empower the Woman within

Here’s a brief highlight of what she asks:

“Is it okay to speculate that too much masculinity can affect our femininity and the gift of creation? How can we regain or enhance our fertility through the feminine? Too many women struggle with infertility these days.”

“When the woman in us is exhausted, the Inner Girl resurfaces, highjacking pretty much everything the woman has built up to that moment. I loved your last podcast on the topic, but can you give more examples of how one tempers and takes care of the Inner Child?”

Curious about our take on these topics? Discover it here. 👇

Reclaiming femininity​

Reclaiming our femininity requires changing perspective. Instead of putting pressure and being obsessed with control and perfection, start allowing your body to relax and be in the flow.

How can you actually do that? By simply enjoying the silence and by being more aware of the whispers of your heart, womb, and body.

The moment we start addressing the needs of our bodies, we also set in motion the feminine energy.

Give yourself permission to NOT be ready. Allow yourself to BE out of the comfort zone; RELAX with being out of the comfort zone; BE vulnerable; EMPOWER your own vulnerability. This is the key to reclaiming femininity.

Head over, listen to the whole episode and if any questions or curiosities pop up, sent them over by dropping a comment in the section below! We’ll answer each and every one of them in the future episodes, as raw and feminine as possible. 🌹​

All the love in the world,

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