The Feminine

My personal exploration of sensuality

Ioana here, writing to you today from a place of huge vulnerability, about my exploration of the perks of sensuality. 🌹

And you know what’s really strange? Instead of being terribly frightened (as vulnerability often makes us feel), I’m actually strangely excited. I’ll explain.

Do you remember Oana’s message from two weeks ago? She braved us to descend into the Sacred Space, pick something we want to transform or cultivate in our lives and work with intention, during the upcoming month, to see how it turns out.

Outside the comfort zone

At first, I took it as a simple challenge (you’ll never see me backing down from a good challenge), but then… oh, wait! Things actually started to twist and turn and change and “set fire to the rain” (@adele).

In a blow of passion, I committed myself to tapping into the wild nature of sensuality, by actually *touching* it; not *thinking* about it. Maybe I just hit that tipping point—I thought. It’s been two years since I’ve joined Oana in the journey of The Feminine, but it’s only now that I felt the fearlessness​ to say YES to sensuality all the way.

It’s mind-blowing. I don’t even know where to start. I’ve never been (better yet, felt or considered myself) sensual.

I’ve never identified myself with a sensual woman. In fact, I’ve always felt more at home filling the part of the girl next door, the friendly face soon-to-be the good wife.

I’ve devoted my whole education to learning the laws of reason. I’ve explored all the shades of deference, and I’ve investigated the secret of balance till the last drop. All with the cost of never actually feeling free or being able to fully let go. I’ve enslaved myself, seized by the need to know and control everything: emotions, thoughts, actions, outcomes.

However, nobody ever told me that…

Sensuality isn’t something reserved to a select few, but something deeply embedded in a woman’s DNA.

The key to accessing it? Piercing through your own belief system until you feel how your chest cracks open.

Freedom is outside your comfort zone—that’s the first lesson sensuality taught me.

Which leads me to the second lesson.

Give yourself permission to…

… feel.

… crave.

… desire.

… try.

… be wrong.

… fail.

… play.

Behind the idea of sensuality there is hidden a voluptuousness that goes beyond sexuality. It’s pure emotion mixed with giving yourself permission to play. Wherever that might lead you.

Descend into the Sacred Space of your heart and ask: “is this right for me”? If the answer is “yes”, then go out and play. If the answer is “no”, then know you’ve just discovered what your “healthy limits” are. Be happy and honour that.

Sensuality is in touching. It’s based on experience, not on thinking.

Yet, sensuality is not just play.

Sensuality is also healing. Healing the constraints of the mind and allowing the body to surrender to its senses.

How come?—I asked Oana.

“Well, as adults, when we hear the word ‘play’ we think of sex and seduction. So much of our culture is based on image and on objectification that we simply forgot to fully live the moment and seek beauty everywhere and within the little moments, the little sequences of events that make our day. Yet, being *fully* in the present leads us to the happiness we seek and to allowing our body to return to its senses and see and feel the world through our ‘nostrils’.”

For a woman, this way of being awakens the sensual self and enables us to return ‘home’, to our true giftfeeling. It is a healing of the body and of the soul.

Once relaxed, the body can become a vessel for The Feminine. Eventually, energy starts to flow and mystery can be lived.

So, my question to you is: what do YOU need to tap into that fearlessness? What do YOU need to let the feminine grab you out of your comfort zone? 💪❤️ I promise, there’s so much to be lived, out there!

All my love,



p.s.​ Eventually, intention truly is a miracle worker. ✨✨✨

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