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I truly hope we’re on the same page with this. 🙌 We love everything, literally everything, we discuss here, at The Feminine. We love the stories, the videos, the practices we share with you, on a weekly basis. But the The Feminine #Uncut Podcast is by far our most favoured! ❤

Why so?

Well, because it really is #Uncut!​​​​​​

Is there anything better than a loose chatter between women, about the essential things in life? Navigating the inner chambers of the heart, the feminine way, without any shadow of guilt or shame, is liberating and empowering, at the same time.

So, on this episode of The Feminine #Uncut Podcast we shift from theory to practice, discussing how it looks like to be and live the feminine way.

You can listen to the new episode of our podcast now. But first, walk with me through some far-reaching distinctions.

The Feminine is all about the flow.

First, we are going to explore a VIP distinction between being and doing things the feminine way. What we do during a day is relevant only in the light of how much time and space we consciously dedicate to cultivating femininity, fluidity, sensuality, passion, etc. It matters less what you do, but how you do it.

Balancing the feminine and the masculine.

Giving up on the masculine principle is not an option; we need structure, verticality, and actionable mindsets. Instead, what we should do, is become aware of not falling into the masculine, at the expense of what appears to be unstructured — emotions and our humanity, in general.

Be quiet, breath, and work with your body.

Pay attention to the energy of the moment, by listening in deep silence, breathing with full awareness, and by being present and tuning in with the needs of your body. Don’t push it; breath with it.

Seek for the (real) source of your fatigue.

Fact — we feel tired all the time. But the fatigue can spring from so many different sources — it can come from an emotional resistance, a block in creativity, it can hide a fear of success and/or failure. Also, fatigue can be generated by a shift in your vibration or energy or even by a lack of alignment between your physical body, emotional body and mind. Therefore, the most feminine way of approaching fatigue is to stop the routine and start seeking for the original source of what makes you feel drowsy.

Slow down.

Honestly — how many times you felt guilty of not attending your scheduled gym class? Or of simply not enjoying running around in circles, pushing your body and straining yourself? Well, fact is, when you struggle with hard physical work, you operate on adrenaline. And that’s a very masculine way of being and doing. High intensity might be alright. But hight intensity with no grounding can actually be really harmful for a woman’s body, because it creates physical and emotional unbalances. What you should do in order to encounter this is simply slow down.

Now, go listen to the full episode of the The Feminine#Uncut Podcast. Learn more about the best strategies to stay in shape, attend to your needs, eliminate struggle, anxiety and burnout. Also, discover how to increase your general level of well-being, the feminine way.

Enjoy, love! 😉

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