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The key to unparalleled confidence

What would you say if I told you that I am incredibly shy? And that during my first years of coaching I could barely contain my emotions when I had to address an audience of ten; let alone an audience of two hundred! 😰

Whenever I share my early days experience, my students look at me in disbelief—how could anyone with stage fright display such huge confidence in front of so many people?

Today, I’m sharing with you my greatest secret—grounding. 🌳

What is grounding?

Grounding is the experience of connecting your physical body to the energy of the Earth in a conscious way, through intention.

Many of us, looking to increase our spiritual awareness, pour so much energy into looking for higher dimensions; when, in fact, the most spiritual thing we can do is to reinforce our connection with the primordial energy of the Earth.

Just think of the ancient practices of our ancestors. Across all cultures and seasons, people held ceremonies and put together rituals to honour the all nourishing Mother Earth. From Eastern European pre-Christian traditions, to the great Celtic peoples, women used to literally pour honey and milk in the ground, praying for rich harvest. As “irrational” as these practices may sound, our grandmothers intuitively knew the many healing properties that strengthening our connection with nature and Earth can have. Why? Well, because the Earth’s energy is pure feminine energy.

Therefore, the moment we connect our bodies, through grounding, to the energy of the Earth, we reclaim the ancient and eternal connection with the feminine principle, with the life force energy and with the energy of creation. It is undoubtedly one of the most rooting and soothing feminine practices out there.

What grounding has to do with increased confidence?

To put it simply, confidence is an aftereffect of grounding.

The very second we intentionally connect with nature and tune in with the energy of the Earth, we restore our bodies, we increase our alertness and awareness, and all these trigger confidence.

Doubt it? Today you get the exclusive chance to try it on your own!

The Second Pillar Of Femininity: Grounding is out now and it brings to you my all time favourite grounding meditation.

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Here’s what you get:

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What are you waiting for, love? If I could do it, you can do it too!

Start experiencing the remarkable benefits of grounding now and give your confidence that long craved boost! 💃

Oh, and I’m telling you—grounding truly works miracles.

Enjoy every bit!


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