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The holiday gift guide to treat your Feminine side

Have you been naughty or nice this year? What about your partner or your best (girl)friend? 😅

I know we promised a feminine coaching guide to a magical holiday season. That will come. Soon.

Until then, we’re putting together a sexy feminine holiday gift guide to help you pick the perfect gift for your perfect Feminine side.

‘Cause here’s a life hack, love: the best coaching starts with a gift. 😉

Treating yourself like a queen is super important not only at Xmas, but all year round. Life coaching and daily practice are key to learning how to nourish your femininity. But sometimes… well… all we need are some practical goodies that can fill us with joy at a simple glance or touch. I like to call them Feminine guilty pleasures.

If you are seriously fed up with those good old fleece pj’s and bored with gifting yourself the same bottle of perfume over and over again, you seriously want to check out this Feminine gift guide.

We assembled a list of things that we at The Feminine just L-O-V-E and use to pamper ourselves as often as possible.

For the Goddess within

If you follow us, you already know that we’re genuinely crazy ’bout touching and sensing. Developing your senses increases your capacity to feel to the most subtle levels and THAT is the road to pleasure and ecstasy. TIP—don’t wait for that special someone to give you pleasure. Feel like a Goddess every single day, by wrapping yourself in silk before, after and during bedtime. This beautiful Kiki de Montparnasse fringed robe or anything similar makes it the perfect piece to wear in or out with the sole purpose of enchanting your senses.



Get it here.

For your Inner Girl

Did you know that each of us has a unique smell that others perceive and we don’t? It’s our natural perfume. In fact, many studies show that attraction is highly based of how much we like the natural smell of one’s skin. It’s primarily a compatibility thing, based on pheromones and stuff. Hence, instead of covering up your unique quelque chose with synthetic fragrances, choose to enhance your flavour with a mix of natural elixirs. Your Inner Girl will like this one too. I am big fan of doTERRA’s Whisper Blend for Women, while Ioana would rather go for Glossier’s You. Pick the one that suits you best.


Get it here



Get it here

For the Wild Woman

Pleasure and ecstasy are highly dependent on how well you know yourself. Just think about it. How could you expect any lover to offer you the time of your life, if YOU ain’t able to do it first? So, either if you are single or in a relationship, make 2019 the year of the Wild Woman, by starting to map your own territory. In short, learn how to give yourself the yummiest yoni massage e-v-e-r. Michaela Riedl’s, Awakening Female Sexual Energy, is our priceless asset, now and forever.



Get it here

For your soul

There’s hardly anything that can soothe your soul better than the Sacred Space of your Heart. Sacred Space is something that you can create through intention only; it doesn’t always require a physical space. Yet, associating it with physical objects (like candles, crystals, flowers, incense, etc.) can help a lot. You’ll feel safer and that will help you descent into your Heart’s space. Altars are the most famous representations of a Sacred Space. This time, however, we go extreme by advising you to turn the entire bedroom into a Sacred Space. Start with decluttering. Throw away all the unnecessary objects, remove all sources of noise and dust, and bring in flowers, candles or anything that helps you relax and feel cosy. You are free to design and play, but stick to these two rules: keep it minimal and invest in quality bedsheets, like for these Boll & Branch, Hemmed sheet set. They are essential for both solo times and wild nights. 😉



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Power objects

Regardless if you believe in magic or not, buying an amulet with intention and investing it with personal super powers is a great way to empower your feminine energy. And now seriously—since when do women need a reason to buy an exquisite piece of jewellery? If you don’t believe in magic, it works wonders anyway. 😅 We love the Wild Woman pieces. They are unique, authentic and charged with feminine power.



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The Four Pillars of Femininity online course

Yes, that’s the truth and we can’t help it. Our program is currently the best you can find online, if you are into personal development and want to empower you feminine side. It’s unique, 100% tried and tested, and yours for life. It has many layers, so you can do it over and over again, without getting wearied. It’s packed with my longstanding coaching expertise and absolutely gorgeously designed. Seriously—if you want to leave a mark in the life of your mother, daughter, sister or best friend, The Four Pillars Of Femininity is THE gift to wrap this Xmas.



Get it here

Out of the Box

And last but not least, give yourself that ONE single gift you’d never though of buying or receiving. Be brave. Be out of the box. Step out of the comfort zone. What’s that one thing that you’ve never dared to do, but somehow feel that once you did, your life will transform? For me, it’s taking pilates classes. I mean, regularly. 🤫 For Ioana, it’s starting to wear red lipstick. Or at least that’s what she claims. 😀

So, what’s you pick? OR if you have any other ideas (on the sensual side of life, natürlich), please share in the comment section below! We’re always in search for wild and nouveau ideas. 👇

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