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The Gifts Of An Awakened Sensuality

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the many words we over-use and over-abuse. — Sensuality is one such word.

Words are alive. That’s why, when we take them out of their original cocoon and forge them into fixations and expectations, we not only destroy their meaning and value, but we also curve their power.

Our post-post-post modern culture took this beautiful pristine word and attached it too many secondary or even false meanings — glamour, sex, fantasy, etc.

Yet, it has nothing to do with any of that.

Of course, sensuality can lead us to making fantasies come true and it can undoubtedly heal our sexuality. But first, we have to enable it; we have to re-learn the values and the language of sensuality in its true and unaltered colours.

So, what IS sensuality and what are its gifts?

Sensuality is the language of beauty.

Sensuality is our birth right. It is the mother tongue of our body. Sensuality is how and what we feel when we deeply surrender, relax and enjoy; it is what we feel through every breath we take and through every move we make. But mostly, sensuality is out body’s natural state when we allow it to connect to every single of its senses and thus perceive the beauty that lies beneath.

Sensuality is the sacred portal to our femininity.

Sensuality lies within.

To see it, you ought to close your eyes to the outer world, open them, as wide as possible, to your inner world, and allow the energy to move through you.

For beautiful in depth illustration, watch the video below.

Sensuality is what connects you with your intuition.

The gateway to it is allowing yourself to live through your emotions. Cause the home of your intuition is not the mind. But the heart.

Sensuality helps you explore your sexuality in a healthy and fulfilling way.

Yes, that is fundamentally true.

But you have to be willing to start from scratch, reconsidering everything you came to think about sex and start exploring, with fresh eyes, feeling your way into your sexuality, rather than thinking your way into it.

Now, click play and learn more about the gifts of an awakened sensuality.

Relax, enjoy and scroll down. 👇 I also have a SPECIAL GIFT for you 😉

In love & sisterhood,

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I’ve dedicated years (literally) to finding a solution to overcoming this blockage. In fact, much of my method is based on a very personal journey into learning how to take care of myself, of me needs, my body, and my emotions in a healthy and fulfilling way.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned, during this personal journey, both as a woman and as a transformational coach, is that the key to authentic self-care lies in sensuality.

And the secret to living a healthy and fulfilling life hides in learning how to naturally express your sensuality.

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