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The Essential Guide To Meditation (The Feminine Way)

New week ahead and Ep. 10 of The Feminine #Uncut podcast has just landed! 🛩

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Your exciting feedback made us decide to record more and… cut less. Because authenticity matters indeed.

Now, let me ask you this: how much do you enjoy meditation?

If your answer is yes (a lot), this episode is for you.
If your answer is no (not so much), this episode is for you.

Stick with me.

Have you ever wondered if men and women meditate differently? Well, in practice, not always; but in theory, for sure. It all comes from how our dominant energies work. For men, meditating in a more linear and austere way might come naturally, because linearity and austerity are traces of the masculine energy. Women, on the other hand, enjoy more active (movement in) meditation — like dancing, chanting or even walking. That’s because fluidity and softness are traces of the feminine energy.

The feminine way of meditating is not structured, nor rigid. Of course, women can meditate like a buddhist monk, working with stillness; but we genuinely enjoy more being in the flow.

In a nutshell, any activity involving motion can become an act of meditation, with one condition only — it should involve awareness and intention.

Now, jump over and listen to the whole episode of The Feminine #Uncut podcast.

Here are some of the topics, related to the act of meditation, that we’re discussing in this episode of The Feminine #Uncut podcast


However you choose to meditate, breathe, breathe, breathe. And bring awareness into the whole process. Breathe with your whole body. Let breathing engage every inch of your skin and bring up any emotion that asks to be expressed.

Dancing, chanting, holding hands

Tuning in with your inner rhythms, in a sacred circle, is one of the most powerful feminine rituals. The feminine circle and its ritualistic ceremonies are the classical ways of aligning yourself to the healing vibration of the feminine energy. It’s been documented by anthropology, history and science; it’s fun, true to our nature, and it works wonders. So, gather your circle, connect to your heart & womb, and celebrate!

The power of community

When women come together, they’re stronger. On so many levels. Where can you find the right space to enable such a super-powerful connection? Play the episode and find out the unexpected answer.

Why men surrender to the feminine (true story)

If allowed, men admit it: they need the feminine energy in order to release, connect, and surrender.

How cultivating the feminine energy can contribute to manifesting your desires and intentions

It sounds like magic, but it’s not. This is how things work. As simple as that. Cultivating your feminine energy makes you vital, creative and fertile. And people, men and women alike, simply l-o-v-e to be in the company of someone who is rather joyful, enthusiastic and vital, than in the company of someone who is sad all the time, depleted and lacking enthusiasm. Think of what you love and enjoy. What goes around, comes around.

Now, grab your headphones 🎧 and listen to the whole conversation. I promise, it’s fun! 😉


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