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A feminine summer

New hot programs, growing our community and YOUR voice on the frontline — that’s how we plan our summer. Are you in for the feminine touch? 💁‍♀️


Summer is coming and at The Feminine we have a lot of hot hot things going on! And ’cause you are here now, here’s an ‘en premiere’ sneak peak into what we are up to.

The Four Pillars Of Femininity

This summer we are going to launch our second exclusive class, called The Four Pillars Of Femininity.

If our one and only Sensuality Masterclass is a wild woman channeling the wise woman, Four Pillars would be the maiden channeling the wild woman.

Beyond all metaphors, many of you wrote us asking about the first steps into the feminine lifestyle — the abc; the small but impactful actions we ought to take in order to start being and living the feminine way.

You see, foundations are essential.

A clear and solid foundation makes everything easier and more fun. When the basics are in their place and you get a clear sense of how changing perspective only a tiny bit can impact your life, it’s much easier to let go and trust the process.

Four Pillars gives you that.

Stay tuned and soon we’ll be back with all the yummy details. 🍯

#UNCUT on iTunes

The second good news is that our beloved The Feminine #UNCUT Podcast is now on iTunes. 👏👏👏

We’ve never imagined how something that started from “we have no idea what we’re doing here” will grow so fast and become our sweetest spot.

And all because of you!

Thank you for being a devoted listener, for sending your questions and for being part of The Feminine community. For us, THIS IS SISTERHOOD.

You can now listen to #UNCUT here. Hit Subscribe and you’ll get notified when we upload new episodes.

The Feminine expands

You’ve heard (or read) me praising the power of sisterhood and community.

Well, time has come to embody what we teach.

Starting June, my colleague Ioana (you’ve already heard her throwing me questions on the #Uncut Podcast) will be joining us with monthly opinion articles.

I’ll let her introduce herself and share how she joined The Feminine.

[Preview] That’s such a good story! 😉

Share your passion

And last but not least, we want YOU more involved into the growing of The Feminine.

We want YOU to share your ideas, stories, questions and passion above all!

What subjects are you curious about?

Any current challenges?

What (feminine) coaching tips do you need?

And also, what are you shy about?

I hear you, sister and we are so looking forward to taking this road trip together, open up, have fun, and unroll the manifestation process.

You know where to find us. PM us on Instagram, Facebook, drop you comment down below 👇 or, if you’re here for the first time, jump over to the Start Here page and become an insider. You’ll also receive a free gift. From us to you, heart wide open.

So much love,

2017 © The Feminine, by Oana Stoianovici

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