The Feminine

The feminine guide to exploring your fire & desire

​How can I feel pleasure?

How do I open up to intimacy?

What’s the secret to saying YES to my full sensuality?

How can I get closer to my beloved and avoid physical and emotional pain?

What’s the best way I can explore my sexuality?

These are all questions that YOU keep sending us. 🙏✨

And all of them are, with no shadow of a doubt, critical parts in the life of a woman.

The bad news is this—it ain’t no universal answer. Also, there is no secret code or quick fix.

But here’s the GOOD NEWS. 👉 The intention to finding the answer that works FOR YOU will get you through one of the most extra-ordinary stories of your life. A story of fire, passion & desire. 🔥

Check out our brand new episode of The Feminine #Uncut Podcast and discover the feminine essential guide to exploring your fire & desire. 👏​

Get on an independent journey, without having any expectations from your partner.

Sex is just one of the many languages women use to express themselves creatively. And when you consciously learn that, sex and sexuality can radically take you to the next level of who you are, enabling you to create and manifest your heart’s true desire.

Yet, we are so stuck in the idea that our womanhood is about sex in the context of men and about our relationships with men that we can hardly see beyond that.

We are blind to the fact that womanhood is, in fact, about US and about our relationship with us and with the huge reservoir of energy, fire, and desire encapsulated in our bellies. Yet, once you tapped into THAT unique desire, what comes out is pure art, monumental spiritual power, and a huge capacity to unravel your feminine gifts.

Listen to the full episode of The Feminine #Uncut Podcast and discover our feminine guide to exploring your fire and desire. 🎧

​Before you go, please remember this. 📝

A healthy exploration always starts with you, in the SACRED SPACE of your heart.

Only by creating sacredness around the topics of desire, passion, sensuality, and sexuality can you decide what’s good for you and how you should roll.​

So, the essential feminine guide to exploring your fire & desire goes likes this:

1. create a sacred space for exploration for yourself;

2. create a space for exploration with your partner;

3. give him space to explore his own sexuality.

​​Now, if you’re wondering what is Sacred Space and how to access it, we’ve got you covered. 🙌​

We’ve developed a special online course that takes you through both the learning and the anchoring processes of creating and generating from the Sacred Space of your heart. It’s quick and I promise you never get tired of it. 😉​

Get it here. 👇​


As always, if questions, curiosities or ideas for future #uncut episodes pop up, drop them in the comment section below. We’ll come back with full answers and also cover them minutely in future podcasts.

With so much love & devotion,

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