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Exploring The Magic Of Your Senses

Good ol’ spring time is just around the corner and maybe (just maybe!) the approaching February 14th is giving you the tingles and makes your senses open up, widely and wildly. 😉

There’s the smell of something rosy in the air… bright, full of promise. A sort of ‘something’ that makes you feel more radiant, easy and hungry for new experiences. Eager to touch, to get closer, to smell….

Well, my lovely, what you are experiencing ​​​is called, in the kingdom of femininity, sensuality through senses.

Fact is, we are not accustomed to live through our senses. Even if, at first, it sounds like the most natural thing possible.

“Of course we live through senses”, you might think. “That’s how we align ourselves with the world — through what we hear, see, smell, and touch.”

And while that’s clearly true, there’s also a huge gap between using our senses for mere survival and using our senses to experience momentous joy, bliss, and ecstasy.

Alas, there’s an important distinction between flying on autopilot and actually being there for ourselves, steering through clouds and rainbows, fully aware of how our body senses the shifts, the ups and the downs.

Tired of feeling numb? Quit the autopilot.

Craving to feel more sensual and live, in a feminine way? Stay in the present. Feel the beat of the moment. Glide through all your senses. And stop expecting for abstract miracles to change your life.

Intensity is in your own hands.

Instead, take a walk in a park and do this simple exercise.

Sit on a bench, with your eyes closed, for 2-3 minutes.

Then, open your eyes, take a deep breath in and look at everything, 360 degrees. Just look.

Next, lay your hands over your ears, for another 2-3 minutes; take them off and connect to every single sound you can possible perceive.

Then, close your eyes once again, for another 2-3 minutes; open them and take a deep breath in. What smells can you detect?

Up next, pick a flower or a tree and look at it attentively. After 2-3 minutes, stand up, move closer and pay even more attention to every single detail that catches your eye. What particular fine points can you detect?

The secret to awakening your sensuality hides in developing your senses. And the secret to developing your senses hides in tiny little practices that make you touch, get closer and smell.

Explore the magic of your senses.

Do this simple practice for ten minutes, every single day, for 21 days. Sooner than you expect, you are going to notice a huge shift in your capacity to be more present, get in tune with you senses, and eventually feel more sensual and aligned with your feminine energy.

That’s where life begins, love!

To your senses and sensibilities,


2017 © The Feminine, by Oana Stoianovici

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