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We're bringing back the Christmas magic

Hey, there! Ioana here, as always, happy to connect. ❣️

I’ve been roaming around the Eastern shores of Ireland for the past few days, and came back recharged and loaded with a brilliant idea that I’m super eager to share with you.

Here’s the story.

Before landing in Ireland I was completely off. Stuck in physical pain, radically tired, under-slept and overworked. In fact, I was so tired that I even thought of not leaving at all. Eventually, I did. But as soon as I stepped on Irish soil, karma hit back. 🙄

I was standing on the sidewalk, waiting for my friend to pick me up, when out of the blue a young man stumbled upon me, violently knocking me down right there, in the middle of the road. Cool. Had left home for less than 12h and there I was—in pain and covered in bruises. Ironically, my friend is an orthopaedic surgeon; he made me swallow a handful of pills and sent me to bed.

For the next day, we had planned a trail walk in the countryside. Apparently, my aching hip forced us to change plans. So, we went to visit a small medieval town called Kilkenny.

Bringing back the Christmas magic.

It was here that, at the age of 33, I realised that magic is real and that Christmas (which, by the way, I didn’t even realise it was so close) can regain its magic—if WE will.

But the question is—how?

Honestly, I have no idea. But that’s why we have Oana. 😍

I got the feelings and the questions and all that; but she’s the one who masters the whole process and the how to part.

I threw Oana the challenge to come up with a feminine guide to a magical holiday season for us all. ✨🎄

I have no idea what she’s up to, but I’m thrilled to invite you to join us in creating this new experience.

Follow us during the holiday season.

I am personally committed to making things different and to bringing the Christmas magic back (the feminine way).

Are you in? 🙋‍♀️

Oh and by the way: wanna know WHY a small medieval Irish town had such a powerful influence on me? The answer is: because it whispered to my Inner Girl the story she still believes in. 🎠🏰🤴⚔️

Made you curious? Stick with us and Oana will explain. 😉

With love,


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