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Here's the best thing to do for your personal growth

Here’s a straightforward question. How are you dealing with the eclipse / retrograde / full moon craze going on these days? 🌝

Just asking, ’cause I have an inkling that everyone feels a bit on the edge. And the explanation for that seems to gravitate around the astro chaos going on up in the skies. 🌌

I confess — I do believe in interconnectedness (even if we can’t always explain it). And I do know that women and the moon have been growing this inseparable connection since the beginning of time.

Yet, relying on that is not a solution. Alas, the “blame it on the moon” story is not fancy at all, might I say.

Think about this — if we put the blame for what’s going on in our lives on the moon and the stars, what stops us from doing the EXACT same thing with the man in our life, with the sister, friend or the so called “circumstances”.

Yes, all these matter. But at the end of the day, WE are born with the power to have full control over our current situation and personal growth.

So here’s the best thing you can do whenever you feel emotionally tossed and turned — stop blaming the moon and go back to the sacred space of your heart.

And you should do the EXACT same thing whenever you feel stuck in a life situation, not knowing what decision to make; or whenever anything or anyone triggers in you any sort of emotional reaction.

I’ve been coaching people long enough to learn that we have this strange inclination to look for the most sophisticated strategies to transform our lives, but we somehow skip the essential — the fundamental need to (make ourselves) feel SAFE.

The SACRED SPACE gives you exactly that.

And the SACRED SPACE is where you personal growth begins.

You can always create a ritual charged with the intention to make you feel safe and go back to it every time you need to clear your head and soothe you soul. Because yes — YOU are the one in charge.

And of course, if you’re looking for some extra guidance and inspiration, you can alway go to our exclusive kit THE FOUR PILLARS OF FEMININITY: PILLAR ONE — THE SACRED SPACE.


Prioritise your personal growth, love. You can do it and you can do it starting now!

In love & sisterhood,

2017 © The Feminine, by Oana Stoianovici

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