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About girls, women (ghosting and orgasms)

I’ll get straight to the question—how many times did it happen to you to meet a man who you seriously liked and who’s company you seriously enjoyed and even if the connection was strong and beautiful, all of a sudden, due to mysterious occurrences, the story unexpectedly ended? 😏

If this sounds familiar (at least a tiny bit), you’ll definitely LOVE this new episode of The Feminine #Uncut Podcast.

We’re discussing women, girls, orgasms and ghosting (if you don’t know what that means, please don’t worry; you’ll get all the info along the way and I promise you’ll love it).

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Here’s what we’re discussing, today 👇

The inner girl and the woman have different needs; most of the things that don’t work in our relationships, regarding our intimacy and in life in general spring from the unmet needs of our inner girl.

The inner girl never leaves you; the key to containing her is in learning how to take care of her.

A woman wants a stable relationship, children in her life and fulfilling orgasms; above all, a woman wants her voice to be heard, to break through and innovate, whereas the girl is just trapped in prince charming, wanting everything offered on a silver platter.

Did I get your attention? I bet I did! Now, head over and listen to the full episode. It’s full of useful goodies.

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