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Your Perfect Gift: The 4 Pillars Of Femininity

I’m writing you today with an immense joy in my heart! And I can almost feel yours too!

Since we’ve launched The Feminine, you’ve been challenging us with emails and messages asking us for guidance into how to make your life more feminine; how to choose according to the whispers of your heart; how to come closer to your true spirit, be soft when soft is needed and wild when wild is needed; and how to act according to your deepest desires, the feminine way.

And trust me with this: we are always going to be here for you, with unconditional love and support.

But, must I confess — among all dreams, I have one crazy dream, which is enabling you to be able to have ALL THAT at your fingertips.

As a coach, I feel most happy when I know that you can walk on your own two feet ALONE. That no matter if you are in the middle of an enchanting love story, struggling with office work, reimagining your social life or simply looking for the best solutions to live a healthier life, YOU can always choose what’s best for you and walk through life with chin up and stardust in your eyes.

Hence, I’ve challenged myself with designing a system that can give you all that, while also being affordable, hands-on, and exceptionally enjoyable. Ultimately The 4 Pillars Of Femininity came to life.

What is “The 4 Pillars Of Femininity”

After twisting and turning our heads for several months, we were finally able to sum up the 4 most important things you need in order to lead a life the feminine way.

And these 4 things are:

Each of these 4 prerequisites has its own access key and its own road map.

Therefore, to make things simple and easy to handle, we designed a special course for each one them, as follows:

Today, The First Pillar: Sacred Space can be all yours!


Here’s what you get:

3 beautifully recorded audio teachings:

1 Audio guided Meditation Into The Sacred Space of your heart

1 Love letter from me

Special Moon Diary

Go here and make it all your now. (link)

Here’s why this course will help you:


You get unconditional access to our community and to the sacred circle of The Feminine.

Once you buy it, it’s yours for life.

You can access it anytime from anywhere.

It’s original and tried and tested.

We’ve made it as affordable as possible, as proof of how much we value and honour your desire to make the feminine way part of your life.

In the following months, we are going to launch the rest of the pillars, one by one, but you can start your feminine practice right away with The First Pillar Of Femininity: The Sacred Space. The perfect gift to empower the woman within.

If you gave any questions, write us now at and we’ll be back to you in 24h max.

In love & sisterhood,

2017 © The Feminine, by Oana Stoianovici

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