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The Secret To Attracting Everything You Want

I am going to be straightforward. How many times, in your attempt to attracting everything you want, you have (unsuccessfully) struggled to be like someone?

Not suggesting there’s something wrong in having role models or taking short trips to wonderland.

Au contraire! I’ve been an apostle of dreaming, building fantasy realms or giving voice to imaginary characters all along. If there’s someone who truly believes in the creative power of imagination, well, that would be me.

Yet — there’s an important difference between aspirations and trying to fit roles.

Aspirations nurture what we truly are and who we truly are. Fitting roles crushes our wild nature and kills our passion.

But you’re not that, love.

You don’t want to play it safe. You are fire and desire.

Want to connect, touch, feel. You need to play with fire and follow your desire.

And now I tell you this — you have all the power in the world to do exactly what you want to do and be exactly who you want to be!

But always, always, start with being yourself and with trusting your own passion. She’s your guide, your friend, your beacon.

Being yourself is the golden secret to attracting everything you want — the relationship you want, the career you want, the life you want.

Watch the video we’ve prepared for you and let it inspire you to have faith in your heart and in your own passion.

And leave us a comment below. What do you need to brave up and ignite your fire? What holds you back? What’s you secret passion and how would you like to express it in the world? The feminine holds the key. 😉

With all my love,

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