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Self-care tips for meaningful life changes

Here’s an honest question — are in you in for the next level of self-care tips and strategies?

I’m outspokenly asking you this ’cause there are great chances for this article to reach you squeezed by the whirlwind of celebration, making plans and preparations for a better, smarter, sexier 2018. 🌪

In our new episode of The Feminine #Uncut Podcast we cover the topic extensively. You can jump over 👇  and listen to it from beginning to end; but first, stick with me for a few more lines.

You might be used to link the idea of self-care tips and strategies to giving your body a treat, switching from screens to paper books, sleeping longer hours, going out for dinner, buying a new dress, and so on and so forth.

Which is great (and useful)!

Yet, if you are searching for a long term self-care strategy that can also rewire your brain for more meaningful life changes, here’s a more fitting solution​ — educate yourself in the art of compassion.

What do I mean by that?

Well, truth is self-care tips and strategies don’t always lead to pampering yourself; they can also redirect you towards pulling yourself out of the comfort zone, accepting your emotions, both positive and negative, and getting the best out of them.

What makes the difference is how you do it. And compassion is a real game-changer.

The moment you become aware of what you are feeling, stop, breathe and hold yourself close with kindness. Accepting where you are and bringing the smallest gesture of tenderness is one of the most healing things in the world.

When you accept your pain, you gain power over it.

Certainly, there are also tried-and-true methods that can help you with that.

One of these tools, which I also consider to be one of the most powerful and revealing, is the legendary Atisha’s Heart Meditation.

Atisha was a celebrated Tibetan monk who traveled the world in search for the cure to people’s sadness. What he found out in his years of roaming was that the problem we stumble upon along our journey to healing is that we deliberately avoid pain.

Everybody is avoiding pain; and even the spiritual practices are mainly about infusing light into our bodies and releasing the pain. “I want to try something else”, thought Atisha. “I want to inhale pain and exhale light.”

The result is astounding.

Looking forward to experiencing Atisha’s Heart MeditationHere’s a step by step guide.

Now, my dearest, with these self-care tips in mind, I wish you a splendid journey!

The power is in your heart!

2017 © The Feminine, by Oana Stoianovici

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