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Nature's Rhythms Are Your Inner Rhythms

Mother Nature is a woman’s everlasting source of vitality. She recharges us, inspires us, eventually leading us to experience healing and ecstasy. Nature is beauty, depth, desire, and creation. And her rhythms are your inner rhythms.

Nature — the gate to wonderland

I was born and raised in a big city. Noise and dust were my rivers and hills. I had no relatives or friends living in the countryside. So, I’ve always spent my summer holidays away from night chills and morning moist.

Still, I had… something. I had my own Paradise. My own personal slice of Heaven. A small garden stretching at the feet of my childhood house. Two hundred square meters of clay and grass; some dozen bushes and six tall and slim poplars shadowing the alley.

This small garden was home for an extended family of squirrels and a neighbouring mole. From time to time, some tomcats flew the comfort of their private sofas to find freedom and peace.

I imagine many love stories tenderly started and violently ended in this tiny animal kingdom. Insects and birds, small earth creatures and domestic little beasts building a whole universe of their own.

The rumblings and the rustlings of the vegetation kept me awake, present, alive, offering me comfort when life gave me discomfort. They gave me shelter from the noise, always reminding me of what really matters.

This was my gate to wonderland. My everlasting source of inspiration and joy.

This small piece of Heaven enclosed by the big city reminded me, every single day, how nature and soul live in a continuum of love making.

Feeding each other.
Mingling and swinging.
Connecting us with what we feel, need and love.

Mother Nature and the feminine principle

Nature is what brings us, women, in alignment, closer to our senses, tenderly guiding us into a deeper, more authentic connection with our inner rhythms and strength.

Nature is what nourishes the feminine principle, bringing depth and intensity into your life. And most importantly, nature’s rhythms are your inner rhythms.

Every single time a woman asks me for “solutions” to get over sadness, anxiety or distress, I tell her this — take a walk; hug a tree; birdwatch; gaze at the lake. Do whatever suits you best, but do it in the wild. And stay aware. Conscious connection is the key. And practice makes perfect.

From the strong desire to honour Mother Earth and her silent genius, came out this beautiful video. Hit play now and let its rhythms take over you. Let go of any resistance and allow the beauty its music melt onto your skin and soothe your soul.

Watch the full video leave us a comment: what does nature mean to you? Do you ever think of it as a gate to accessing vitality? Does it inspire you?

We are really looking forward to reading all your ideas, meet your needs, and find the best answer to any of your questions.

All my love,

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