The Four Pillars Of FemininityPillar One: The Sacred Space

The First Pillar Of Femininity


The experience of feeling safe

Why This Course

  • 1

    The feminine principle works in mysterious ways, warm, wild, and fluid

  • 2

    It speaks to you in silence and it requires deep listening

  • 3

    It also holds the keys to your inner universe - the place where your personal truths, gifts, inner wisdom, and intuition hide

  • 4

    The feminine principle is the way to conscious femininity

  • 5

    And conscious femininity is the gate to living a fulfilled life

  • 6

    One of the most powerful ways to access the feminine principle is to hold space for each other, in the sacred circle and through the feminine practices

  • 7

    The Sacred Space is the place to start, that’s why we call it the first pillar of femininity

  • 8

    In this course you’ll learn how to access the Sacred Space of your heart and how to use it as a trusted guide in your daily life, the modern way

  • 9

    Once you turned the Sacred Space Meditation into a daily practice, it will increasingly become your go to support system at any time

  • 10

    No matter how heavy the situation is, after spending a few minutes in the Sacred Space of your heart, you will receive the confidence, peace of mind and resilience you need in order to stay true to yourself and move forward

What You Get

Comprehensive material — audio teaching about the Sacred Space, a powerful audio guided meditation, an exclusive Q&A.

For long term support you will also receive our special gift, The Feminine Moon Diary, with prompts for journaling that will guide you to access your feminine wisdom, month after month.

Use them daily and then gradually integrate the other three pillars of femininity into your essential self-care routine.

Audio Teachings
Guided Meditation
Special Moon Diary
Special Q&A


Because we know how important it is to get the right support, we created The Feminine Moon Diary, especially for you.

We called upon three feminine landmarks: the moon phases, your emotions, and your personal intentions to keep you aligned with the feminine energy and with the feminine principle.

Use the 12 tailor made questions and let your inner wisdom pop up. Enjoy the Sacred Space of your heart and get the experience of feeling safe.

How This Course Will Help

  • 1

    The Sacred Space of the heart is the foundational practice for developing intuition and feminine wisdom

  • 2

    When you descend into the Sacred Space you get clear about your needs and how to fulfill them

  • 3

    The Sacred Space allows you to become soft, gentle, and patient with yourself

  • 4

    It allows your heart to awaken and it gives you access to letting go of any conditioning

  • 5

    It teaches you how to know your true rhythm and find your authentic voice

  • 6

    The Sacred Space of the heart is the place where you learn how to genuinely take care of yourself

What People Say About Working With Oana

Adriana Radio Host
Oana is such an amazing coach! For many years, she’s been a constant guest on my radio show and every single time she brings fresh and resourceful information about how to take care of ourselves and our womanhood. What she says is astonishingly true — once consciously activated, the feminine energy can literally change your life!
Silvia Actress
Learning how to work with the feminine energy has been one of the most important projects of my life. And there are two very important things I’ve learned from Oana — the importance of having a guide who can show you the way and a community where you can apply and expand your knowledge. The Feminine gave me both the guidance and the access to a wonderful community. And that’s all that matters!
Ana Architect
Oana beautifully guided me through the ways of conscious femininity, and the Feminine offered me the community I’ve been long craving for. This is how I’ve learned to notice, nourish, and trust my natural gifts. And this helped me to transform my relationships: with my partner, with my children, with my friends, with myself. I become more self-aware, confident and wise.




Get clear about your needs and learn how to fulfill them in a healthy way.



Become soft, gentle, and patient with yourself.



Create the space where you can experience ease and flow with all your emotions.



Learn to recognize and follow the wise voice within yourself.

I teach Sacred Space in a way that is very personal, clear and relatable. After doing this module you will fully understand the concept of Sacred Space, while the guided meditation will open your heart and take you there, in the middle of the experience. The personal journal gives you the opportunity of self-reflection and self-discovery.

Everything You'll Get

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  • Audio Teaching About The Sacred Space

  • Powerful Audio Guided Meditation

  • Exclusive Recorded Q&A

  • Guiding Letter

  • PLUS
  • The Feminine Printable Moon Diary

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Discounted as our gift for you 19 $
  • Audio Teaching About The Sacred Space

  • Powerful Audio Guided Meditation

  • Exclusive Recorded Q&A

  • Guiding Letter

  • PLUS
  • The Feminine Printable Moon Diary


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