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The feminine and the source of ecstatic perception

As a transformational coach at The Feminine, I meet people all the time. I hear their stories and I see their struggle.

People come to me seeking, one way or another, for solutions to their problems. But as keen as they are to finding a quick fix for their complex struggles, they are always doubtful when I tell them that one of the most reliable AND fundamental keys to cracking the code of their well-being is right beneath their feet. — Hardly can you imagine that coming from a transformational coach, right? 😉

People look at me in disbelief when I tell them that the source of vitality, ecstasy and healing is hidden down in the earth beneath their feet, in the nurturing belly of Mother Nature.

And this is particularly true for women.

Earth and nature are the first gate to accessing the feminine energy and to reclaiming our connection with our bodies. 

The body is a temple. When embraced with awareness, gentleness and cocooned into the energy of Mother Earth, it becomes the Feminine.

Mother Earth is an alive being, with her own rhythms and flows, which are both feminine.

Today, more than ever, we are struggling with the question — what does the feminine look like?

Women are stepping into the light, asserting their place into the world; but both men and women are still rather confused when it comes to what it means to respect and support women, truly.

This confusion springs from our disconnection from the feminine energy. Not feeling it, not taking enough time to understand it, and not fully trusting the voice of our bodies and our intuition.

In fact, all these originate in our connection with Mother Earth.

Taking the time to stay in nature for no particular reason, but to connect with other living beings, such as: trees, flowers, earth, air, fire, water is like tuning in a different rhythm, with a different tone.

Your body is made out of the same energy as the trees, the stones, and the flowers. That energy is ecstatic. It is the fundamental energy of Mother Earth.

The very moment we get in tune, we sink deeper and deeper into our body; that’s when awareness awakens and ecstasy follows. Awareness guides us into becoming feminine, into flowing with our inner energy and expanding our perception.

Now, dearest, play the video below and get all the needed inspiration to regain your trust in the healing power of Mother Earth. Let this be an invitation to tune with your feminine energy.

Air is what keeps us alive.

Earth is what feeds us.

Water is our primal source of existence.

Fire is what keeps our flame blazing.

And the power of all combined is what keeps our secret gardens spirited, vibrant and zestful.

So, take off your shoes and dive deep into the stream that waters your garden. Breath deep and let the breathing connect you with the original primal energy. Let the peaceful silence clear the way — this is the secret of ecstatic perception, the feminine way.

I am sharing this fundamental truth with you as a friend, as a sister, and as a transformational coach, not the least. 😉

In love & sisterhood,

2017 © The Feminine, by Oana Stoianovici






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